Woolly Shows 2016

The new season of shows beckons and as ever we going to all your favourite fibre shows. We’ve had a busy winter perfecting the new wool picker and further developing our Classic Carder in different forms. We’ll be at WonderWool, WoolFest and Fibre-East, we’re also going to do something very different …

After the excitement of WonderWool, we’re departing for Foreign Climes. In particular, we’re going to see all our American friends and customers. It’s taken some head scratching and frankly, stupendous logistics work to ensure that we, our demonstration drum carders and the new picker, make it to the States. Which is just as well, given how excited we are to be going.
The Maryland Sheep and Wool Show is one of the most important fibre shows in the USA and will be our first chance to exhibit to new customers and show old friends new tricks and tips for using all carders in the States.